Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Closet Staples only for this outfit.

Oh, and a dog or two too.

Wearing: H&M (mens) White button down (similar here for under $30), H&M black shorts, Dolce Vita sandals (currently under $30, I'd get them for next summer if I were you they're beyond comfortable)

Photos taken in downtown WC at the amazing coffee/cupcake cafe- Dia Doce.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Fira as the locals call it, was the hotel and resting grounds for our sun parched bodies as we made our stamp in Santorini.

(parts of our hotel villa)

Santorini's cliffs, thousands of feet high boasted arid soil packed with volcanic pumice to keep the agriculture sustained. The twisting drive to the most popular town of Oia (pronounced EEE-yah) quickly became a game of chicken as we lurched past motorists on dusty ATV's in our comfortable & air conditioned sedan. Once there though, the marble walk ways opened up to the blue domed Cathedrals and small alleys where you jumped aside when hearing a small tinkling bell signaling that the donkeys were on their way through. 

Oia, so crisp with it's white storefronts and generous people provided the most perfect back drop to the sunsets Santorini is famous for. 
Legs shaking from climbing down 300-ish steps to the water, we had a leisurely dinner atop one of the restaurants. Dessert was served which consisted of donuts in a honey glaze with little granules of sea salt to create a beautiful combination of salty and sweet.
The last full day we were on the island, we took a Catamaran out to explore the islands caldera where we strapped on snorkeling gear and jumped off the boat into the chilly Aegean Sea. Salt dried crispy on our bodies as we laid in the sun as the boat docked for an hour or so for more swimming and lunch. The crew made us a luxurious feast of Greek salad, prawns, pasta, chicken satay and wine. Bellies full, we returned back to our hotel only to shower, change and head back to Oia for dessert and one last glimpse of the city as it lit up around us.

(I stole a few of these photos from my little sister because she just takes better pictures than me!)



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The ferry boat felt like we were taking on way too many tummy-ticklers as it lurched over and over, up and down all the way from Athens to Mykonos.
Ah, Mykonos....her dry cliffs with white washed buildings and rounded corners overlooking the darkest blue water of the Agean Sea.
What took me by surprise was the force of the winds...sure we're on an island, but even one of the local women from a beautifully curated shop of printed scarves and exotic handbags told us in her perfectly accented English that it was quite unusual for this time of year to have such strong winds.
We went with it 
(note: no sundresses were worn for the entire 3 days we were in Mykonos).

We befriended the bakery women in Fabrica square, careened our necks at the beautiful islands sites after securing seats on the Platis Galos bus, relaxed our sun burnt bodies on cushioned lounge chairs (thatched umbrellas overhead blocking out the strong rays) sipping margaritas and snacking on salty grilled haloumi, eating dinner steps from the water on a veranda where they served us linguini tossed with seafood and red wine to relax you, cliff side walks overlooking the setting sun on the cliffs and a breeze that smelled like the sea.
That was Mykonos for me and it was absolutely beautiful.


Monday, July 21, 2014

We trekked all over the dusty hills and up to the Acropolis (you could see it looming over the downtown streets from our hotel balcony) taking pictures every 30 seconds of the butter colored pillars against the cloudless blue sky.
Evenings were spent on the roof top restaurant of our hotel eating thick chocolate desserts and watching the Acropolis light up as the air around us cooled off.
Jet lag making us fall asleep early after our days adventures.

Toggery X OhHeyChrisi

Friday, July 18, 2014

I teamed up with a few of my fellow Philly bloggers to showcase this super comfortable and amazing t-shirt dress from a newly introduced (to me) line, Toggery.
This Philadelphia based company creates all the clothing in the USA and not only was shipping amazingly quick, once I slipped this bad boy over my head, I literally didn't want to take it off.

(Yes, I spent part of my evening frolicking around my back yard with my dog as my boyfriend tried to get a decent shot without me taking a running leap blurring out the whole photograph)


I'm wearing this t-shirt dress (in a size Small), a Zara belt, Essie polish in "bikini so teeny" and an ohheychrisi necklace

Check out how my fellow fashion babies styled this look!
Danielle of indie.electronic.alternative
Jacqui of Burgundy Whispers
and Jessie of Trend Hungry


Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer has been flying by.
I complained all through Winter how my bones can't take it and so I definitely won't be complaining about the heat and humidity (because I honestly don't mind it much).
I just got back from my holiday in Greece a couple of days ago so these pictures were taken before I left on a particularly sticky day in Manayunk.

Wearing one of my new necklace designs for ohheychrisi which I will be adding and updating to the boutique!

Karlie Kloss X Warby Parker

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am fairly adamant about keeping the blog strictly fashion and rarely deviate from that....
when Brian from Warby Parker contacted me about spreading the word for their newest launch of beautiful sunglasses I couldn't hop on board fast enough.

They worked with model and philanthropist Karlie Kloss to design three new shades that embody the grace, energy and femininity of Kloss with staying true to the Warby Parker Mission of doing good.
Not only will one pair be donated to someone in need but they are also donating to Edible Schoolyard NYC, creating gardens and kitchens to help low-income families learn to eat better and lead healthier lifestyles.

The exciting news is that the 3 new styles are launching today!
Pick from the Clara, the Marple (my favorite in the heirloom silver!!!) or the sassy Julia.
Shop the looks here:
Karlie Kloss X Warby Parker

 (and remember, when you're shopping you're helping out have fun and happy shopping!)