Polka-dot nails!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Since Pinterest has been on the tips of everyone's fingers, nail art has taken one of the most creative turns since the days back in middle school getting a flower airbrushed on our nails. From leopard spots to plaid stripes, tutorials and new inspirations are popping up all over the internet. Last week I decided to go for a neutral nail but upon finishing, there just needed to be a pop of color. [insert the "look around me see what is nearest to create something fun" look] That's when I saw it, a loose bobby-pin used to keep my updo in from last weekends wedding shenanigans! I dipped the balled ends right into my bright fuschia polish and did four dots on each nail. A perfect stamp which every girl should have in her beauty drawer!
+ Essie Polish in Sand Tropez and Mod Square + bobby pin! Next time, it's going to look like a confetti cake all over by using tons of different colors!

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