well, ohheythere!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So, I've started this awhile ago; each day musing over my favorite fashion, photography, hairstyling, beauty, diy, jewelry, puppy & food blogs and finally after going back and forth decided that I should just take the leap and start it back up. I think the bio part of this stated perfectly what genre I could fit this into [fashion.hair.jewels.love.puppies!] and ohheychrisi was born.
I'm Chrisi (marie-if at the salon) based out of the suburbs of Philadelphia and a complete lover of all things pretty. I'm an avid fashion lover, a jewelry and hair accessories designer, a hairstylist and an owner of the most precious puppy ever, Moglie!
welcome to my world where the little things matter and finding beauty in the everyday is important. The musings of an ever inspired 24 year old girl. xoxo enjoy,