Italy!!! (part 3)

Monday, July 23, 2012


Venice was my absolute favorite! We spent the days exploring small alley-ways, canals and little shops while stopping in cafe's to stand and drink our cappuccino or espresso of choice. Venice really was 'The Floating City' as you couldn't drive anywhere and had to take a boat everywhere. It could have been the Mediterranean air, but everywhere you looked, there was color and clarity that both sticky hot Rome and Florence didn't offer. All three places were magical, but I'm a water sign, it's to be expected: Venice has my heart!

Welcome to Venice! (Our first taxi boat/ferry that picked us up)

The view from our hotel

Our Room at the Giovanni Stucky Hilton

Everyone outside waiting for the Redemption festival's firework display


The colorful houses on the island of Burano

Waiting for our Bellini's outside the Piazza Di San Marco 

Pre-dinner aperitifs and Venice's signature drink- the Bellini!

Outfit details

The best Tiramisu in Italy (by my standards)

The view from the 'Kissing Bridge'

Taking a boat tour the first night

Afternoon pick-me up

Our fabulous gondola ride!

Rooftop view from our hotel

Rooftop pool on the top floor of our hotel

Piazza di San Marco at night