Hair Before and Afters!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hair B&A's!

As many of you know I'm a hair stylist by day, so my true artistic and creative passion comes out full fledged (especially during the week). Although you need a creative eye, branding skills and a serious business sense, you also need to know your STUFF! When cutting and coloring, you have to keep in mind certain angles, face shapes, skin coloring and hair texture to create a uniformed and beautiful finished result. Here are two major hair color changes I've done that make what I do so rewarding. 
Feel pretty?

(You can see how the original texture, color and elasticity was lacking moisture and depth... A little bit of moisturizing color, conditioners and a trim make all the difference in the world.)

(Inconsistency in highlight color, ends a little frizzy and ready for a new look)

(Rich Coppery Red shades with fresh trim and sleek blowout)
Although working with chemicals can be an exciting experiment for some box-dye lovers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave it to the pro's. We take classes regularly, spend numerous hours/years working under head cut and colorists and really understand both the chemical make-up of the products we use and that of the hair. 
stay fabulous.