Tip for today!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tip for today:
Moisture is KEY to healthy hair!

Like I've stated before, I'm a hair stylist, so I've had the pleasure to see all sorts of healthy and unfortunately unhealthy hair. Girls who have dyed and fried their hair come to me wanting "long and healthy hair" but need at least a good 6 inches off. I'm going to start a new section of this fabulous little blog to just give out advice that either I have used and works (for me) or little tidbits from others in the beauty business. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by great fashionistas, hair stylists and make up artists on a daily basis so I feel that it's more than my duty to shell out the tips and tricks that I've picked up in this ever evolving business of making yourself look and feel good!

So my first tip is to keep moisture in your hair! Easy enough. With the weather cooling off, hot showers, frequent shampooing and turning on your heat brings a lot of unnecessary drying out of both your hair and skin. As a long haired platinum blonde, it know the importance of keeping a leave-in product in my hair at.all.times. I recommend Calista Tools- Reclaim oil
This is a power house of nutrients the go into the hair and nourish it instead of sitting on top of the hair strand like a silicone (which weighs it down).
I put it in my hair wet, let it air dry or blow dry it and it protects like no other. 
I don't ever recommend using a flat iron, but...if you must, put a pea sized amount in your hand, rub them together to distribute the product evenly, run it through your ends and then use your hot tool. Just please remember...
We bake cakes at 350*F...
Please don't put your flat iron that high.
Your hair is not a cake.
stay fabulous.

p.s. You can read up and buy reclaim here or if you're local and want to fore-go shipping, come into Calista Grand Salon & Spa and tell them Chrisi (Marie) recommended it :]
(If you want to book an appointment call (610-399-6677) I can show you exactly how to use it and teach you step-by-step how to achieve the perfect blow-out!)