Wear this With: Cranberries in their bold simplicity!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wear this with:

cranberries in paris

If you know me in "real life", you'd know that I'm not one to spend a ton on my clothing. Mostly it's because I work in a salon and am around color changing chemicals all day. If I get a splatter of bleach or black hair dye on my shirt or pants, there's no turning back. The majority of my closet is filled with solid colors (mostly black) from stores like forever21 and H&M because they're on trend and fairly easy on the wallet (especially if I'm accidently splattering hair dye down the front of me). 

These are demure enough to wear to the office, but have personality to even wear it on weekends or drinks with your girlfriends. (Or in my case, dreaming of riding a bike around Paris...)
Pop in these earrings that go with everything, and voila, four outfits (if you mix and match) and all at a fabulous price point.
stay fabulous.


  1. I like suede shoes but you have to be very careful becaue the're so delicate..!

    1. very true. I made the mistake once by wearing them out to a dinner...and then it started raining :[