Day in the Life...a QVC girl

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A day in the life of...
a Tartelette!

I'm a hairstylist yes, but I'm also a part-time model for Tarte Cosmetics at QVC right here in  PA! Yesterday I had the opportunity to be in Tarte's TSV (A 24 hour "Today's Special Value" of an incredible amount of fabulous makeup for an AMAZING value).
I snapped a few photos through out the night to share with you guys what I'm up to behind the scenes of this nationally televised shopping network!

First things first, we have to have completely clean faces (no make-up eek!) then line up to take our "before" shots. These are the pictures that come up right next to the "afters" where we are all made up and pretty!

The top photo is our lovely set and above is super talented Tarte make-up artist Erin doing Shanna's make-up for our 12AM kickoff!

 The madness backstage!

 Almost ready to go on-air!

The absolutely fabulous TSV girls!

Hanging out in the "Model Area"... aka testing our luck with the powerball and getting super giddy on no sleep! 

Amazing LipSurgence lip lusters and Maracuja lip glosses that I was modeling in the shows...and of course COFFEE. One of my saving graces.
(LipSurgence in Sweet)
(Maracuja lipgloss in Giddy)

Last but not least...Shanna and I (you might have seen this on my instagram! Check me out @ohheychrisi)
We're on two hours of sleep but with the excitement and great energy of the whole day, we sold out of our TSV! That's about 50,000 units that people all over the United States will have to beautify themselves!!! 
woo woo!
Stay fabulous you Tartelettes!


  1. Christmas, you are gorgeous. So happy for you and Tarte on your successful day at QVC!

    1. awww Benny you're the greatest!!! xoxo thank you so much it was a blast!