2012: A review

Thursday, December 27, 2012

too-ta-loo 2012

What an exciting year it's been. Although I've only had my blog for half the year, I'll rewind and highlight the important parts of this past year!


I think the most important thing that has happened to me (well, us) this year is that we got our little furball of joy: Moglie. Clearly super tiny and fashionable...she's my adorable side kick.

I took some excellent classes by famous hair stylists, stopped assisting and moved on to have my own chair at the salon, helped out with the West Chester Fashion show & FIG magazine and made some pretty sweet print for doing so! I took part in a collaboration with Calista Tools and Sephora for a commercial for their hot rollers. I've been working with Tarte Cosmetics at QVC and in July I even re-launched my jewelry line by the name "ohheychrisi"!!!!

Last but not least,
I was invited by my boyfriend and his family to go to Italy with them this past summer. 
We had an amazing time, drank plenty of wine, ate tons of pasta, explored and opened our hearts up to a different culture.

I honestly can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for me!!!
stay fabulous.

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  1. great post! your 2012 looked awesome!!