Hair Before and Afters!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One of my best friends was sitting in my chair last week at the salon and got a fabulous text from her boyfriend. He said that since I started "Mani Mondays" that I should do my hair posts on Tuesdays...aka "Touch-Up Tuesdays". I couldn't have worded it better myself! Thanks M, you're quite the word-smith! 

So, I wanted to share this great before and after hair style with the title of "Touch-Up Tuesdays" because that's exactly what we did! 
My client Kristen is a fellow QVC model and she was in dyer need to get her roots touched up and get a great trim to keep the dead ends at bay.

Kristen had some ashy dark blonde roots coming in with a fairly solid warm blonde through the rest of her hair. In order to create even color, we did some highlights and lowlights to create dimension and unity through the whole style.
I know a lot of girls with long hair despise getting their hair trimmed but it is imperative if you want healthy hair. It's only as long as it is healthy, so if you have 4 inches of dead hair hanging behind you...
Luckily we only had to trim about half an inch off the bottom to get it back in shape! 

Stay fabulous.
(and get your trims!)


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