Tip of the day: Wear big sunglasses

Friday, December 7, 2012

The bigger...the better

When I post pictures on this blog, many of you see me wearing HUGE sunglasses. Although a major fashion trend that seems here to stay, that's not my only reason for sporting such large shades.
Large sunnies do a plethora of good things for your image; such as hiding dark circles, completing an outfit and last but definitely not least, keeping you from squinting!
Whether it's summer or winter, the suns harsh rays are BRIGHT! It's very rare that I leave my house without my daily moisturizer (with spf 15) smeared all over my face and an oversized pair of sunglasses. 
They protect the delicate skin around your eyes from getting crows feet because of squinting too hard and they create a larger area that is shielded so that the suns UVA/UVB rays don't harm that tissue paper skin!

for $3.50?! They'll go with everything and won't break your bank 
Lusting over this pair: Prada "Baroque" sunnies from Nordstrom
I've been eyeing this pair of sunnies (in black) for at least two years now... for $290, I'll continue to be lusting over these for a little while longer
Moral of the story, always wear sunscreen and protect your eyes! 
You only have two.

stay fabulous.


  1. Chrisi! This is my FAVORITE secret! I worked for a high end sunglasses retailer for years and the owner wouldn't even pop outside to take a call without her sunnies on. I was always curious why she looked so young for her age and she shared this secret with me! Brilliant!! xo Lauren