Comfort is key

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's true:
When I'm shopping or dressing for any occasion, I look for what is comfortable first then stylish second. I would hate to be "that girl" shoved into a ruffled silk blouse while out shopping so I could look "cute". Unfortunately for "that girl"... she's seen between every aisle pulling her shirt down and trying to smooth it out from riding up.
(Yes, I feel like we've all been there before.)
So, as I'm sitting here with my coffee and T-Swift playing, I'm just going to share a few photos that my sister snapped to show that you can be totally comfortable, warm and put together while running errands out and about.

Although I'd like to dress like I have somewhere important to be, but honestly... for a doctors appointment, movie & dinner with friends and errands, my outfit was not only cozy but also quite functional in the "you look okay to go out in public" department.
Aerie has some seriously comfortable and sharp loungewear so when I need to update my comfy clothes, Aerie is my go-to without a doubt.

forever21 sunnies
Aldo spiked wedge sneakers (seriously the most comfortable things ever)
H&M leggings

How's everyones 2013 treating them so far?


  1. I want those wedges!! Awesome!

    Yari ;)

    1. They're beyond comfortable and they have them in black also!! :]