The Reading Room

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Reading Room:

Reading has always been an integral part of my life. I will almost always have a book on hand that I've been devouring on a daily basis. For me, it's so important to always be stretching your mind and imagination of different cultures and vocabulary. I'm always open to new ideas and recommendations for new material so please don't be shy in sharing your  favorite works. 
Although I haven't done a Mani Monday post in a few weeks, (and although today is Tuesday) I found it funny that while reading Betty Smith's: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, my nail polish choice coincides perfectly with the colors of the cover. 

I'm excited to start reading the second half of the two-novel book because Smiths' writing is beautifully poetic and draws you into her characters and scenery in early 1900 Brooklyn. 
I finished A Tree Grows In Brooklyn last night as my pup was sleeping on my lap, drinking lychee tea and catching glimpses of the snow coming down against the street light outside. 
A perfect setting to get lost in a world completely separate, huh?

What have you been reading lately? Like I said, I'm always up for some fabulous recommendations!

Nail polish choices of the week were: Essie: "Bobbing for Baubles" and on the pointer finger Julep: "Vivien"

stay fabulous.


  1. I agree reading is the best! I actually started the fever series recently and am hooked I recommend it. Loving the nail color. I was looking for something similar actually!!