Wear this With:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wear this With:

My obsession with these earrings started when I was in New York City earlier in December, hovering over the thousands of beads and gemstones in one of my favorite bead shops on 6th ave. I knew that I wanted to wear black for the New Years Eve celebration so I wanted some major glitter and pops of color...What better way to do that than with red?!
I've been keeping the Mani Monday posts on hold as I've been testing out different nail shapes (I'm working on the hot to trot pointed nails) but I made sure my digits were painted a fabulous red and the red in the earrings were to anchor the whole ensemble....
then I forgot to put them in.
I know.
So, without further adeiu, they're now officially in the ohheychrisi jewelry shop, so all is not lost right?
and they would totally look cute with an outfit like this.


paris by chrisiii featuring printed pants

stay fabulous.
there's only one pair of the red earrings available, so grab them here while you can!
clicky click for the earrings :]