Tip for Today: Taking Time

Friday, February 8, 2013

Take time for yourself:
trust me, you need to.

(photo taken in early January 2011 at my dad's kitchen table)

Two years ago I completed a personal photo project that took me a year to complete. I took a picture every day and although I am in no way a photographer, it gave me that extra push to do something creative every day. To find that beauty (that is quite easily overlooked) in the daily grind of trying to make money, get ahead, stay afloat. 
(We're all guilty of it, I promise.)

It gave me a few seconds each day to keep for myself, to find what my next subject was going to be and creating a vision. Fast forward two years later, I've been in somewhat of a funk and although I may have more time on my hands than two years ago, I spend it thinking of all the great things out there...all the great things I want to accomplish but have that fear of the follow-through. Maybe fear isn't the best word to describe it but after a really enlightening talk with my fellow brilliant girlfriends at QVC this week, TM said, "what separates the successful people in the world versus the mediocre is the follow through"; and that really stuck to me.
Because it's true.

(One of the photo collages from my 365-photo project 2011)

Take 5 minutes today to make a quick list of the things that make you happy, things you want to accomplish and thoughts that inspire you to move forward. You can take longer to write it out but within the first 5 minutes, those are the true wishes that bubble up first.
I've said before that I want to get back into the creative end of photography; other items on my list is to write, make a fabulous cup of chai tea, watch Washington Heights, give myself a Valentine's Day inspired mani, and conquer one little nagging thing that I feel is holding me back.
What are you going to do with your time today?


  1. It's all about the follow through--what a great conversation. <3

    1. Exactly. It was totally what I needed to hear :] <3

  2. I love this post, and it couldn't be more true. Xo

    1. Thanks girlfriend! Your motto is "take over the world" so you're truly such an inspiring friend <3!!