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Friday, March 15, 2013

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I've been so lucky to know Nichole Ciotti of Vanilla Extract for a few years now. We met in college in Tampa, Florida but only recently started becoming really we've talked everyday easily since at least August. A few months ago, she texted me that she had an idea for a coffee table book mixing both fabulous photography, creative drinks and strong women entrepreneurs. I clearly, was an instant fan. Then, she proceeded to tell me that she chose ohheychrisi jewels to be featured in the book!

As someone who has always been a creative, I know the importance of small businesses whether it be the jewelry makers to the yoga instructors to the bakers. Insert the Kickstarter Program. In order to see this vision fully come to focus, Nichole and her amazingly supportive boyfriend and business partner, Brian, created an amazing video to show you exactly what Toasted is all about.

Every little bit helps. Even if you want to forego your daily $4 latte, you can come to my house for tea and we can celebrate you being awesome.

 Don't forget to tell us what you #toastto and who is a fabulous female entrepreneur that you look up to!

thank you
stay fabulous.

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