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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blazers and Baby Statement Necklaces
yes please!

I'm all about statement necklaces... especially since at work, I wear primarily all black. A statement can be something that brings your eye to that piece, it could be the color, size or even just the textures of the medium used. 
Lately since I've been on the mend, my wardrobe choices have been less than glamorous. A pair of leggings, a comfortable tee and a zip up sweatshirt.
nothing pulls an outfit together like a little bit of sparkle!
This spring, I have a feeling that my go-to outfit is going to be a extra bright lip, a pair of colored jeans, a relaxed fit tee, and a colorful blazer.
Layers are key.


paris by chrisiii featuring tarte cosmetics

What will be your spring staples?
stay fabulous.

Shop the look!
. ohheychrisi baby statement necklace in white jade and deep blue
.AE skinny white trouser
.Sheinside Celine Paris tee
.Forever21 Blue Blazer
.Tarte Lipstain in Charmed

Stay fabulous.
spring is almost here.

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