Grecian Coast

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

grecian blues

I'm the type of person where if I fall in love with a piece, even if it's $11 at Target, I have no shame rocking it out. This is not at all a sponsored post, but when I was looking at some pieces on polyvore in my "Grecian Coast" color all fell together with pieces from said big box store. I'm all about supporting small business, I mean, I own  one; but you've probably been suckered into spending a good $80+ on a cute new outfit when you go in originally for toothpaste (I'm guilty of it too don't worry).

That being said, I've curated two cute outfits that you could wear this Spring/Summer using items all from Target. One mixes patterns and has a feminine flair (left), one has a bit more of an edge (right).
Inexpensive but very cute.
I'd totally wear the edgy one with an ohheychrisi sparkly headband...just sayin.
stay fabulous.