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Friday, May 10, 2013


Last Saturday, I was invited by the Nich Boutique team to check out their new Collegeville, PA location. This newly built location is airy and fabulously curated by owner Kristy Mak (who is getting married next month yayy!)
This Spring and Summer is all about "Free To Be" eclectic mix of boho and fabulousness. I was greeted by Courtney with a large "swag bag" and the laughs and conversations just kept rolling from there. I love boutiques, there's something about having a certain hand curated selection that brings you closer to the brand. I've been to boutiques everywhere from China, to New York, to West Chester (PA) and yes, some may be intimidating (thinking of Pretty Woman here) but Nich was probably the most enjoyable laid back experience I've had in a long time. We were chatting, putting on wigs and having mini was awesome.

 Choosing a pile of items to try on!

 Courtney and Kristy definitely got the memo for Kentucky Derby Weekend!

My little sister was one happy buyer! (and wearing an ohheychrisi necklace to boot!)

I've been pouring over their lookbook all week long and I can't wait to get back there and check out more of their goods!! If you live in the West Chester area, it's only about a half hour drive (unless you're my sister and me, we took every windy back road possible and made a memory of it ha!) to Collegeville. They also have a West Chester boutique which I'm obsessed with too.
Go check it out.

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