Celebrating our Independence

Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day!
Yesterday my sister and I drove into Philadelphia to celebrate Independence Day with our older sister and her boyfriend...oh and the pups were to play too!
It was probably one of the most fun 4th of July celebrations we've had.
We took a long walk around Washington Sq. park down to the water where the dogs took a quick dip in the fountains to cool off. 
We ate delicious pizza from Serafina's ovens, drank champagne, tried hookah (for the first time!) and watched fire works from a high rise overlooking the Art Museum.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!
p.s. Wearing ohheychrisi silver headband


  1. You guys (dogs included) are all so friggin' cute. Can't wait to come home next month!

  2. the dogs are adorable! i gotta check out serafina. still haven't been there!