Friday, July 12, 2013

Sigh, lately.
Lately life has been....busy. 
As of Tuesday night, the beau and I have officially signed our lease on a fabulous little apartment right in the heart of Manayunk. 
Let the decorating ideas begin!!!
That alone has been a big weight on my shoulders so working through that has been a tremendous help with getting my mind centered to where it needs to be again.

Knowing that my mind was all over the place, I greatly appreciated when my girlfriend Shanna got a few qvc girls together to do an Angel Card Reading.
I'm usually skeptical about things like that, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of having someone read your energy.
My main question focused on my fear of settling. I wanted to make sure that I keep pushing myself and learning and exploring. 
The reader told me to keep doing what I was doing in my spirituality because it's working and to act on my urges to travel so I don't regret it.
I've been dying to try yoga and he told me that that helps open all of your chakras.
So, that's officially on my to-do list.
(That and a trip to Paris!)


  1. congrats on the new place! and you'll love yoga, changed my life!


  2. Yes new place sleepovers!? lol Paris is my number one destination spot that I have to get to!