Friday, September 20, 2013

For some reason, this week has been quite rough. I don't know exactly what has finally tipped me over to the "dark side" but I've been feeling well, rather...raw. 
I've had some really good conversations via phone with my best friends (who unfortunately live all across the US) this week and it makes me feel so full and comfortable when the people closest to me are doing well.
This past Summer (and actually months before that also) have really been an eye opener to many things. Who is actually going to be there as a friend when you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed, the jealousness and competitive nature that plagues people and even just my favorite...enjoying the simple things in life. That unfortunately gets put on the back burner as soon as things start getting a little bit rough. So, enough of this gala of a clouded pity party for myself.
 It's just time to get back to basics.

The little things that make me happy, move forward, stay creative and overall feel good and authentic.
.Coffee dates
.Dates in general whether it's with my main squeeze or my girlfriends
.Cuddling with my pup
.Eating healthy
.Working out
.Hanging out with my grandparents

Whenever I feel bored/lonely/bad somehow I always call my grandparents. They absolutely love Moglie and I guess just hearing them get so excited when I'm telling them about what she's doing or even if it's something as small as "Oh yeah, we changed her necklace (collar) to her pumpkin one since it's now Fall". My mom-mom knew I was feeling kind of off lately and as a (retired) business owner herself, she just made me feel so much better when saying, "You're a go-getter. Keep doing what you need to do."
Those little reminders that someone else believes in you even though at that very moment you don't necessarily feel as brave makes a world of difference.
Heard ya loud and clear girlfriend.