Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The ferry boat felt like we were taking on way too many tummy-ticklers as it lurched over and over, up and down all the way from Athens to Mykonos.
Ah, Mykonos....her dry cliffs with white washed buildings and rounded corners overlooking the darkest blue water of the Agean Sea.
What took me by surprise was the force of the winds...sure we're on an island, but even one of the local women from a beautifully curated shop of printed scarves and exotic handbags told us in her perfectly accented English that it was quite unusual for this time of year to have such strong winds.
We went with it 
(note: no sundresses were worn for the entire 3 days we were in Mykonos).

We befriended the bakery women in Fabrica square, careened our necks at the beautiful islands sites after securing seats on the Platis Galos bus, relaxed our sun burnt bodies on cushioned lounge chairs (thatched umbrellas overhead blocking out the strong rays) sipping margaritas and snacking on salty grilled haloumi, eating dinner steps from the water on a veranda where they served us linguini tossed with seafood and red wine to relax you, cliff side walks overlooking the setting sun on the cliffs and a breeze that smelled like the sea.
That was Mykonos for me and it was absolutely beautiful.


  1. Looks so beautiful and refreshing!