Friday, August 29, 2014

Fira as the locals call it, was the hotel and resting grounds for our sun parched bodies as we made our stamp in Santorini.

(parts of our hotel villa)

Santorini's cliffs, thousands of feet high boasted arid soil packed with volcanic pumice to keep the agriculture sustained. The twisting drive to the most popular town of Oia (pronounced EEE-yah) quickly became a game of chicken as we lurched past motorists on dusty ATV's in our comfortable & air conditioned sedan. Once there though, the marble walk ways opened up to the blue domed Cathedrals and small alleys where you jumped aside when hearing a small tinkling bell signaling that the donkeys were on their way through. 

Oia, so crisp with it's white storefronts and generous people provided the most perfect back drop to the sunsets Santorini is famous for. 
Legs shaking from climbing down 300-ish steps to the water, we had a leisurely dinner atop one of the restaurants. Dessert was served which consisted of donuts in a honey glaze with little granules of sea salt to create a beautiful combination of salty and sweet.
The last full day we were on the island, we took a Catamaran out to explore the islands caldera where we strapped on snorkeling gear and jumped off the boat into the chilly Aegean Sea. Salt dried crispy on our bodies as we laid in the sun as the boat docked for an hour or so for more swimming and lunch. The crew made us a luxurious feast of Greek salad, prawns, pasta, chicken satay and wine. Bellies full, we returned back to our hotel only to shower, change and head back to Oia for dessert and one last glimpse of the city as it lit up around us.

(I stole a few of these photos from my little sister because she just takes better pictures than me!)